About Us

The character of affairs of the organization shall be the wise and sustainable use of water resources in and around the Show Low Creek Watershed (HUC 1502000501) through:

  • Water Quality and Quantity Maintenance and Enhancement

  • Point and non-point pollution best management processes

  • Terrestrial and Aquatic wildlife management and improvement

  • Invasive species prevention, management, eradication

  • Sustainable recreation and Tourism opportunities enhancement

  • Ecosystem preservation and restoration

  • The goals and objectives of the Organization shall be:

    Watershed Education and Outreach:
  • Broaden elected officials and citizens' knowledge and encourage their active participation in proactively solving watershed issues.

  • Enhance networking, communication, education, technology transfer and sharing of watershed-related information among individuals, agencies, organizations and other stakeholders.

  • Watershed Management:
  • Develop and implement a Watershed Management Plan
  • .
  • Maintain and improve measurable water quality
  • .
  • Increase opportunities for conservation and multiple use of existing water resources
  • .
  • Promote diverse, stable and productive fish and wildlife habitats in the watershed
  • .
  • Promote protection for sensitive, threatened and endangered native species
  • .
  • Support initiatives to enhance aquatic, wetland, rangeland and forest health
  • .
  • Promote sustainable economic growth based on our natural resources
  • .
  • Enhance economic viability within the watershed
  • .
  • Promote sustainable recreation and tourism opportunities and quality of life.

Page Updated: 6-18-2012